When Clients Think You Are Too Expensive

Too Expensive

You’ve likely heard it before, and you know you’ll hear it again, clients sometimes think that you charge too much. Of course, your first reaction is to become offended, after all, your work should be valued. However, many clients believe this because they’ve come to believe misconceptions about the industry and they don’t realize what you actually put into their job. So, before you get into a tizzy about this, let’s find out why your clients think you charge too much and see if you can find a better way to negotiate with them so that you’re paid what you’re worth and so that the clients remain happy. You can also analyze why they think you’re charging too much and find ways to navigate around that accusation.

Price Reflects ValueToo Expensive for you

Clients see value in your work in one of two ways.

It’s an excellent price when the value of your work is higher than what you charge.

It’s too expensive and your fee is too high when compared to the value of your work.

There’s a delicate balance between what you do and what you charge. You don’t want to undercharge and you don’t want to overcharge. If you’re charging too much, there is always someone around that will charge less and deliver more. That’s just how this market works. However, while you’re trying to earn a living, you must charge the appropriate amount for your services. You don’t want to lose clients, but you don’t want to undervalue your work either. Anyone can go online and find at least 20 other people that do just what you do. They may even charge less, but they may not deliver like you do. It’s a risk that many clients are willing to take. If you’ve not had a client tell you you’re charging too much, you’re likely not charging them enough money to do what you do.

Don’t lower your rates right away if you do hear that you’re overcharging clients. Take a moment and consider what it would take for you to give a steady client a discount. You don’t want a pushy client always trying to lower your price and you don’t want to devalue your work. Take a moment and ask why they think you’re charging too much. Find out the real reason they believe this.

If clients have never told you that you charge too much, you probably aren’t charging enough money.

Respond: When compared to what?

This is a great way to deal with the comment that you charge too much. Find out what they are comparing your work to. Is it even equivalent to what you are doing? Many times clients are misconstruing another company and what they do for what you do. Find out exactly what they are comparing it to. You can’t control what another company charges, so explain why you charge what you charge. If the client chooses to move on without you that is fine, you’ll have other clients and remember that clients get what they pay for.

Respond: Ignore It

No one has said that you must defend what you charge. You can ignore their complaints. If you’re full of work and doing well who cares what a potential client thinks about your prices? You’re busy so don’t stress over it. You don’t have to waste your time telling someone that may cause you a lot of stress why you charge what you charge. Let it go.

Respond: Find Out Their Budget
Too Expensive for you
When you have a client complaining, ask what their budget is. It might shock them to hear this. Besides, it may also help you to negotiate what they can get on their budget. A good example is to tell them what they can get for their budget. This way, they are going to see what that budget will get and know ahead of time. Perhaps they’re not quite ready to buy yet. They can either save for what they do want, settle for less or move on.

Respond: Do They Really Need This Service?

Often a client will tell you that you’re too expensive to see if you’ll give them a discount. They may not want to make a decision so they leave this in your ballpark. This is an easy way for them to opt out if they change their minds. They may say that they don’t really need you right now but that they are just pricing. They may think it’s a huge hassle to get the job done. Give them your card and tell them to stay in touch when they are ready.

A Cheap Client Will Get Cheap WorkDo They Really Need This Service?

Many clients simply don’t value their work so they want it for nothing. They aren’t doing well overall and they are pushy. This is a huge red flag so heed it. Give them your card and know that they won’t likely pay you if they did hire you.

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3 Responses to “When Clients Think You Are Too Expensive”

  1. R. Calhoun says:

    I asked one of those clients what their budget was and the answer was “well, we actually don’t have one.” That was epic. x) They also added that lot of people would fight to do that project for free, and I asked “why did you come to me then?”

  2. Thomas says:

    Thanks Jenna! I hope you keep ’em in your back bottom the next time someone says you’re too expensive! 😉

  3. I normally simply think of something without any preparation when I get push once more from customers, its such a smart thought to have a format set up to utilize when it happens later on! much appreciated!!!

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