How To Properly Manage a Franchise As An Owner

How To Properly Manage a Franchise As An Owner

For the most part small businesses are run lean, what does this mean? Basically if an owner can do it, they do it. Quite a few years ago my spouse and I were owners of a franchise of Marble Slab Creamery, in order to save money we made the big mistake of managing the shop on our own.

Some of this may seem familiar to you, correct me if I am wrong: on top of managing the general store numbers as well as finances which includes of course expenses, revenue, payroll etc we were also:

  1. Made the schedules each week
  2. Handled complaints and whining from our crew who were teens.
  3. Requested needed inventory
  4. Handled business marketing
  5. We even scooped ice cream every day

Did I forget to mention we also ran our own business on top of the franchise? We had definitely spread ourselves out way too thin. As I look back over everything I am not surprised the business failed. It is crucial to hire a qualified manager if you want your business or franchise to be successful.

Begin By Understanding Your Needs
How To Properly Manage a Franchise As An Owner
Although being the long term manager may not be in your plans it is crucial you spend some time playing this role so you can get a real sense of the needs of your business. Being aware of the details of the running of your business will not only be beneficial to any time you do spend there but also when you have to regularly check in on the manager you will soon be hiring.

Design a training manual which details the way you want each aspect of the business being handled. If it is a franchise there may be franchise mandates to include but the way the store is cleaned or perhaps the way your products are stocked may have a specific way you want them handled.

Once each process of your soon to be managers duties have been outlined you may then design the job description. The duties you previously outlined can be used as bullet points to reference the skills and experience which will be required to take the position.

Set The Bar High

When looking for a manager you want someone who can in essence be “you” while you are not around. He or she should be through when it comes to keeping your staff in check, maintaining customer satisfaction as well as managing shrinkage. A manager should also have experience with dealing with angry clients, managing financial care of any issues which may arise between the staff.

It is important to not settle, make sure you have interviewed plenty individuals before making your final choice, if not you may have some regrets. By offering competitive compensation you will allure high quality candidates. If you offer cheap you will more then likely get cheap and you do not want to slack off when it comes to choosing a manager.

Don’t Just Take Off

Even though you are sure that you have hired and properly trained a manager for your franchise it is important that you still be there. You should regularly check in and some of those check ins should be unannounced, this is a great way to see what happens when they do not know you are coming as well as stay caught up with what is going on. Although you yourself are not the manager it is important that you are in the loop so make sure you do not stop checking in.

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