The Importance Of Customer Experience To The Future Of Today’s Retailers

Today's Retailers

Due to the growing amount of commercial retailers providing an endless choice of retail outlets for customers, it is important to keep one fact in mind: the customer is always right.  Not necessarily always true, but in order to maintain a loyal customer base and ensure referrals it is the sensible creed to follow.

The question is: why do we need a loyal customer base?   The answer: to ensure a retail outlet’s survival in the commercial world.  For customers to return to an outlet it is important that they experience more than satisfactory customer service.  A returning customer should receive exceptional service emphasizing the importance of the individual when working with each customer.  At 18.21 Bitters, the customer experience is our number-one priority aiming to make your shopping experience an outstanding memory.

Here are a few ways we aim to make you at home in our retail outlet.

Hospitality Industry
1. Elevating Retail As Part Of The Hospitality Industry

At 18.21 Bitters, customers are not just consumers; they are seen as guests in our home.  Hospitality is important to us and we attempt to move beyond customer service to treat each individual as a personal guest.  Our staff show hospitality by greeting each customer as they enter and leave because, well, that’s just good manners.  It is seen that approximately 80% of retail outlets lose customers because they engage in the bad habit of not greeting a customer. In some cases price is not essential for keeping your customers.

Personal connections are essential in a hospitality industry and are encouraged at 18.21 Bitters.  This building of a personal service not only helps customers feel welcome but creates an enjoyable memory.  For example, as a service in the cocktail world we enjoy speaking with individuals regarding their drinking preferences and if they are searching for special cocktails for any upcoming events.

2. Treating Retail As An Educational Experience

Imparting knowledge is important as part of our service as it shows an interest in our stock and can provide you with some fact you may not have known before.  For example, do you know what is in an old fashioned cocktail?  Not many people do.  Sharing this knowledge helps provide some cocktail facts and build a personal connection with the customers.  Chatting about cocktails can also increase the pleasurable experiences had by customers and can lead to sharing news about future events.  Our aim is to make all customers feel as if they have been given attention and provided with something of value during their visit.

3. Allowing For Customer Choice And Convenience

Nowadays, customers are constantly surrounded by numerous options making limited choices in a retailer’s service a bad move.  For example, in previous years our service did not accept American Express Cards as a form of payment despite customers asking for it.  It was soon realized that changes must be embraced in order to provide customers with positive experiences; therefore, to accommodate choice and convenience, we accept all cards as payment.  The results are positive and customers are pleased to accrue miles with each purchase made.

4. Understanding The Customer Experience Begins And Ends With Staff

The behavior of employees is essential in determining whether the customer will have a positive or negative experience.  If staff are not enthusiastic and engaged, it is impossible to make customers feel welcome, connected, and satisfied with the service.

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