Effective Strategies for Banner Marketing

You’ve spent money on a banner for your company but do you know where to use it to get the results that you want? If you use it inside your store you’re targeting customers who are already inside your business; if you use it at a trade show or fair in the community you may not be targeting clients who need your products but who are instead searching for ways to market their own products. To be effective, your marketing strategy must use placement that gets optimum targeted views which will give you the most return on your investment. Let’s look at some effective strategies for making your banner do what it was designed to do: promote your company efficiently.


  1. The experts will tell you that the best locations for your banners are at intersections that have high traffic, bustling shopping centres, and locations where your targeted clients are prone to be. Make sure that you follow all rules and regulations when you place your banner so that you won’t lose your investment by forfeiting your banner to the authorities.

  2. Consider using a marketing campaign that you create to last for a number of days or weeks. Either try to find free placement for your banner or rent inexpensive venues in which to display the banner that is representative of your company. You may also want to address the following guidelines that can drive traffic to your business to increase your level of sales. Consider:

  • Incorporating a limited offer that will be attractive to your targeted audience

  • Using a number or coupon code on the banner that clients can register when they order from you for additional discounts or bargains. Then at the end of your campaign note where the orders originated and which locations worked the best for your company.

  • At the conclusion of your timeframe compile all of the data from your banners and determine which locations were most profitable for you. Discovering the areas that your targeted audience frequents will help you to reach them through future banner campaigns.

  1. Visit related companies to see the variety of styles, such as the ever-popular pull up banners, sizes and colours that are available so that you can choose the banner that will work best for your industry niche. Ask the experts what type of material will be best for your needs and then work with them to create a banner that will grab attention, prompt sales, and send your company on its way to increased profits.

By varying the strategies that you use for your company banners you can use this tool to effectively market your company in all areas of your community. From the local pubs to busy intersections to sporting events that solicit banners from sponsors, you can connect with an audience that is searching for a solution to a problem that they are experiencing. Banners are great value for your money and an inexpensive way to establish your brand in your local market.

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