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Marketing for Online Based Businesses

The world has transitioned to buying things online to the point where people are even buying homes without seeing them in person. For this reason online marketing is more important than ever for a large portion of industries. The more specialized industries are even competing as everyone wants an edge on their competitors. Not all […]

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Effective Strategies for Banner Marketing

You’ve spent money on a banner for your company but do you know where to use it to get the results that you want? If you use it inside your store you’re targeting customers who are already inside your business; if you use it at a trade show or fair in the community you may […]

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The Importance Of Customer Experience To The Future Of Today’s Retailers

Today's Retailers

Due to the growing amount of commercial retailers providing an endless choice of retail outlets for customers, it is important to keep one fact in mind: the customer is always right.  Not necessarily always true, but in order to maintain a loyal customer base and ensure referrals it is the sensible creed to follow. The […]

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When Clients Think You Are Too Expensive

Too Expensive

You’ve likely heard it before, and you know you’ll hear it again, clients sometimes think that you charge too much. Of course, your first reaction is to become offended, after all, your work should be valued. However, many clients believe this because they’ve come to believe misconceptions about the industry and they don’t realize what […]

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